Posted by: Rites of Patches | February 27, 2009


Well, it was nice while it lasted. If you haven’t heard, the patron saint of this site, Emmitt Smith, was fired for sucking at anything unaffiliated with the Dallas Cowboys. While this instantly makes ESPN’s football coverage more coherent, it also ends the relevancy of the name of this site.

We, and by “we” I mean just myself, will continue to carry on as a silent, but inappropriate, tribute to the world’s greatest man.  It says in the Talmud, “He who saves one life, saves the world entire.” Or as Emmitt would say, “He who saves one life, saves the world in tires.”

Click this link for the news article and Emmitt’s top ten rapings of the English language.


  1. Maybe they can bring Eric Dickerson out of retirement from his legendary stint as a MNF sideline reporter.

  2. I heard some of his lines on the radio the other day…he truly was awful.

  3. Awww, Peter…It took years to repress those memories. Sort of like every time Phil Simms speaks.

  4. well he has a point…you absolutely cannot change the stripes of a leopard.

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