Posted by: Rites of Patches | January 19, 2009


Greetings, fair internet user. Allow me to introduce myself. Basically, I’m a giant asshole that feels the need to publicly express satirical disdain for the world I see around me. You see, a normal human being would be content with either keeping their thoughts to themselves, or at the very least, speaking to people who actually care. I am not one of these people. Again…asshole. Let me stress that.

Therefore, it with great pride and an overinflated sense of self that I unveil this website. The plan is to offer a humorous, if sacrastic & satirical, slant on anything and everything.

Feel free to contact me at Comments are also always welcome, unless you too are a douchebag. There’s only room for one of those around here.

With that said, let the self-indulgence begin!



  1. This is going to be treat (like a trashy celeb magazine I pick up in the grocery store checkout aisle that offers me a break from serious reading). I’m excited to be along for the ride.

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