Posted by: Rites of Patches | January 24, 2009

Based on the country’s expectations for him…

Here's Hoping...

Here's Hoping...

Is it bad that whenever I see Obama, I immediately think of Han Solo’s line to Lando in The Return of the Jedi?  “Good luck…You’re gonna need it.”


  1. I hope he falls flat on his face because no one deserves failure more!

  2. Wait, you’d rather see the country suffer than a dude you don’t like succeed?

  3. No, it is because I want my country to continue to be a democratic republic and not a socialist nanny state that I wish him failure. It is because I love my country that I don’t wish him one iota of success, because his success means death for America. It is exactly because I don’t want it to suffer that I have decided to continually oppose him and do all I can to make sure nothing he wants passes if I can help it. I love America, he loves power. I love the great people of this land, he loves mafia types and bombers! Oh yes, it is exactly because I put country before self and he puts self above all else that he needs to be thwarted. May God have mercy on us all.

  4. Dear god, this is getting serious…




  5. Dena, he has not even been president for a week. How can he love power? Did George Bush do a better job? Wait, before you answer…I am going to help 7.2% of the population who are unemployed find work. After that, I plan to give the federal government a few bucks to help pay back the over $600,000,000,000 they have spent on the Iraq war. Mission Accomplished, eh Mr. Bush? Maybe Obama can rally the country together again after Bin Laden attacks us again…ya know, since we let him go the first time.

  6. Because unlike you Fantastic, I judge people by their actions and his actions as a Senator have proven he is all about the power. That is why he got all his competition thrown off the ballot in order to be elected. That is why he befriended Tony Rezko who then turned around and pretty much “gave” him a house for helping him with his slums in Chicago. What was the first thing Obama did in office, shut down Gitmo and say what you want about the place (like putting underwear on a person’s head is torture, please. My son must torture himself all the time then!) it houses the most dangerous terrorists and he just wants to shut down. What is the second thing he did? He aborted the Third World by overturning the Mexico City Policy because who wants those poor, backwards savages having babies anyway! It is appalling how little he thinks of others! Andn those first two executive orders tell me all I need to know about the man! Save the terrorists, kill the babies. Yeah, real swell guy.

  7. You generalize WAY too much. By closing down a facility that was known to treat people inhumanely does not suggest he wants to “save the terrorists.” He is trying to show compassion to the radical muslim world and build bridges. Do I think that is the right step? I really do not know.

    And I do not believe what he did as a senator “proved,” as you put it, that he is all about the power. To prove something you need unbiased facts. You offered extremely biased and interpretable actions, not unbiased facts.

    I will agree with you, however, on Gitmo. I think it is a necessary facility and we need to fight dirty to beat these terrorists. Vince Flynn knows what he is talking about.

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